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Architects: Oleksii Vostrykov, Andrii Holovchenko, Kostiantyn Palieiev, Dmytro Sorokevych, Oleh Drozdov, Maksym Dudiak, Mykhailo Shevchenko, Serhii Shtohun, Kostiantyn Rudniev, Lilit Akopian, Volodymyr Ponomarenko, Inna Shapovalova, Maksym Vatralik, Yurii Parkhomenko
Project Year: 2022
Location: Lviv, Uman, Chervonohrad, Ukraine

Together for victory!

A joint project of temporary shelters from three Ukrainian architectural studios and a university.

Rest as a value.
Today, the west of Ukraine has become a temporary home and a halt on the path of many Ukrainians who are trying to survive the war. The big flow of internal displaced people are arriving in the cities. At this time the priorities are survival and security, ability to adapt quickly, and willingness to any conditions.

For the last five weeks we have been developing and implementing projects for internal displaced people centers in Lviv together with our partners Replus bureau and Ponomarenko Bureau. The priority was to create in a very short time a package of solutions, which will be simple and quick to install, as well as adaptive.

We tested different designs, as well as developed furniture options for the centers. We focused on the solution of modular frameworks made of cardboard pipes designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. It is easy to install, reusable and recyclable. Last week, we completed setting-up the fifth center. Places for more than 440 people have been set up in various locations in Lviv. We have already received requests for the next thirteen centers in different cities of Ukraine.

Vast spaces will become into place of hope. This is not a new home, but it is a space where people may feel safe and calm. It is about the humane privacy, respect and sensitivity to each other that most of us need today.

Paper Partition Systems

Shigeru Ban Architect’s project adaptation

Paper Partition Systems


1. Insert beam into column

2. Tape to hold

3. Hang cloths and pin it: construction screeds / pins / binders / construction stapler

4. Hang soft cloths for doors and pin it

Paper Partition Systems

Unit types





Partition system from construction fences




Pallet bed

1. EUR-pallets with a size of 1200x800 mm were used;
2. If necessary, you can put a sheet of cardboard under the mattress;
3. If necessary, the base of the pallet can be lined with felt or similar material in order
not to scratch the floor.

Paper bed. Prototype

1. Outer and inner edges are attached with office binders / large clips for construction
2. It is desirable to make a cover from a thick cardboard,
3. If necessary, you can tie the box with construction puffs with the base of the bed;
4. Approximate assembling time is 15-30 minutes.


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