Researching and playing with materials and spaces. Ponomarenko Bureau was founded in Kharkiv, Ukraine at 2020.

3 projects have been nominated for Project
of the Year by ArchDaily in the last two years. This year we won ArtSpace in the HoReCa category and were shortlisted for Interior
of the Year. Our bureau is in the top 30 of the National Rating of Creativity in Ukraine. Volodymyr Ponomarenko taught at the Children’s School of Architecture for three years and now he has his own course
on object design at the Kharkov School
of Architecture about recycling and upcycling.

By rethinking everyday materials, inventing new ones, and redefining traditional methods, Ponomarenko Bureau creates design through experimentation. We focus on customers who set
a goal, creating something new without relying
on trends and obvious solutions. We design restaurants, bars, coffee shops, offices, medical clinics, and other public interiors.

Ponomarenko Grifon